Saturday, June 8, 2013

Something for my room

As usual my kids get things before I do. Now I really want to redo my room too! It might be awhile before that happens, but I did add one thing to my room this week:

I found this map at one of the rummage sales in New Salem last week. It was rolled up with another map and I didn't even look at them before I bought them. The price was so good that I bought them no matter what they looked like. If they looked horrible they would have become a decoupage project. I have always wanted a large old map, but didn't realize I really didn't have a spot to hang one. Except for my room. I love it, but it looks pretty blah against that white wall. It will look much better once I get our room painted. Someday.

I'm guessing this map came from a school. There is a stamp that says it came from a school supply store in Grand Forks.

My oldest son really liked looking at the mountains on the bottom of the map. The world's tallest mountains are shown as they compare to each other. I like the rip at the bottom. I like my junk flawed. Gives it a little character.

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