Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daughter's room

My daughter didn't really get a new room, but her room did get a major overhaul after the boys got into their new rooms. 

I like blue. Really I do. But when we moved into our house almost every room was painted blue. The darker blue reminds of the blue and country decor that was popular in the 80's. And if you know me I hate the 80's.  The only color I hate more than this blue is pink. 

I should have really taken the before before photo. This lovely wood floor was not only covered with laminate flooring, but on top of that was really ugly brown shag carpet. I can't wait to rip up the carpet in the rest of the house and get to the wood floor.

My girl is a girly girl to the max so it's no surprise that she would pick pink for her room. When I opened the paint can it looked like a gallon of bubblegum had melted inside. It is really hard to tell from the photo, but the pink on top is a lighter shade. I know I said I hated pink, but I loved how the pink and brown looked together. I ended up going back and painting all the baseboards and trim around the closet and door brown as well. 

My daughter's room didn't get much junky decor. I did however repaint a dresser we found at an early rummage sale this spring. The ombre look is everywhere and I couldn't resist with this dresser. Ironically it was painted in the exact blue I detest so much. I think it looks a lot better in pink! 

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