Saturday, June 8, 2013

Something for my room

As usual my kids get things before I do. Now I really want to redo my room too! It might be awhile before that happens, but I did add one thing to my room this week:

I found this map at one of the rummage sales in New Salem last week. It was rolled up with another map and I didn't even look at them before I bought them. The price was so good that I bought them no matter what they looked like. If they looked horrible they would have become a decoupage project. I have always wanted a large old map, but didn't realize I really didn't have a spot to hang one. Except for my room. I love it, but it looks pretty blah against that white wall. It will look much better once I get our room painted. Someday.

I'm guessing this map came from a school. There is a stamp that says it came from a school supply store in Grand Forks.

My oldest son really liked looking at the mountains on the bottom of the map. The world's tallest mountains are shown as they compare to each other. I like the rip at the bottom. I like my junk flawed. Gives it a little character.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another new room

Whereas my oldest son is pretty indifferent to the junk decor in his room, my younger son fully embraces it. He loves to go to auctions and rummage sales and has started a few collections of his own.

My younger son is the sports fan. His favorite team by far is the Steelers, but he has a mixture of teams in his room. On the bottom left is his metal map garbage can he picked up at an auction last year.

He picked up the map garbage can because he has been collecting globes. One sits on top of his shelf above his desk along with a couple of lunch boxes that he found, one at Junkfest and one at an auction. Yes, he loves Junkfest too! 

Here's just a few more of his globes. 

He's also got a really cool metal trunk in his room too. I found this trunk several years ago at a thrift store. It was previously full of my daughter's dress up clothes, but I had to take it because it was always meant for my son's room. Oh well, I guess that just means I need to find another trunk for my daughter!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daughter's room

My daughter didn't really get a new room, but her room did get a major overhaul after the boys got into their new rooms. 

I like blue. Really I do. But when we moved into our house almost every room was painted blue. The darker blue reminds of the blue and country decor that was popular in the 80's. And if you know me I hate the 80's.  The only color I hate more than this blue is pink. 

I should have really taken the before before photo. This lovely wood floor was not only covered with laminate flooring, but on top of that was really ugly brown shag carpet. I can't wait to rip up the carpet in the rest of the house and get to the wood floor.

My girl is a girly girl to the max so it's no surprise that she would pick pink for her room. When I opened the paint can it looked like a gallon of bubblegum had melted inside. It is really hard to tell from the photo, but the pink on top is a lighter shade. I know I said I hated pink, but I loved how the pink and brown looked together. I ended up going back and painting all the baseboards and trim around the closet and door brown as well. 

My daughter's room didn't get much junky decor. I did however repaint a dresser we found at an early rummage sale this spring. The ombre look is everywhere and I couldn't resist with this dresser. Ironically it was painted in the exact blue I detest so much. I think it looks a lot better in pink! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New room

 We've lived in our house for over 10 years, but somehow all those years got away from us and suddenly we had totally outgrown our space. So finally we, (with a lot of help from my dad), got the boys moved downstairs. This is my oldest son's room. He's more of a computer and Lego guy so we were going to go with more of an industrial look. I wanted to paint his room a blueprint blue, but he picked green. Oh well, it looks really good with that NDSU National Championship poster.

My dad also repainted an old bed to make it look metal for the industrial look. If you look closely you'll see an old suitcase under his bed for some extra storage. I have another suitcase to put under there, but first I have to get my junk out of it!

I've been  hoarding collecting things for the boys' rooms for a long time. I found this trunk last summer. I love how it looks and will provide some extra storage as well. My son also loves the Baltimore Orioles. I just happened to have an older batting helmet. Go figure.

This is my favorite spot in his room: his Lego corner. The green Lego baseplates are actually glued onto the table. Now he can make creations and keep them there for as long as he wants. No more having to move them from the dining room table. I also donated one of my red chairs for his corner.

Above his table is a towel rack with some metal buckets full of Legos. I have to go back for one more bucket as the hardware store only had two left when I was there.

 I also added some framed pages from an architecture textbook. They look like blueprints so maybe that will spark some Lego building ideas.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's rummage sale season!

Gotta love rummage sale season! Yesterday the kids and I headed out to Lincoln for their town-wide sales. Hubby felt left out so today we took a little road trip to New Salem and hit the many sales there. We filled the van up by the time we were done. Not pictured is all the stuff on the seats. Some of our finds were for us, but I also found many things for the Etsy shop. Hope to get the Etsy shop up and running again soon. And I'll get some more photos of all the fun stuff I've found recently as well! Stay tuned....