Sunday, June 2, 2013

New room

 We've lived in our house for over 10 years, but somehow all those years got away from us and suddenly we had totally outgrown our space. So finally we, (with a lot of help from my dad), got the boys moved downstairs. This is my oldest son's room. He's more of a computer and Lego guy so we were going to go with more of an industrial look. I wanted to paint his room a blueprint blue, but he picked green. Oh well, it looks really good with that NDSU National Championship poster.

My dad also repainted an old bed to make it look metal for the industrial look. If you look closely you'll see an old suitcase under his bed for some extra storage. I have another suitcase to put under there, but first I have to get my junk out of it!

I've been  hoarding collecting things for the boys' rooms for a long time. I found this trunk last summer. I love how it looks and will provide some extra storage as well. My son also loves the Baltimore Orioles. I just happened to have an older batting helmet. Go figure.

This is my favorite spot in his room: his Lego corner. The green Lego baseplates are actually glued onto the table. Now he can make creations and keep them there for as long as he wants. No more having to move them from the dining room table. I also donated one of my red chairs for his corner.

Above his table is a towel rack with some metal buckets full of Legos. I have to go back for one more bucket as the hardware store only had two left when I was there.

 I also added some framed pages from an architecture textbook. They look like blueprints so maybe that will spark some Lego building ideas.

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