Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happiness is a great thrift store find

One of my thrift store pet peeves is when they price items higher if they feel the item is antique or collectible. I understand why they do it, but my feeling is either be a thrift store or an antique store. I rarely look at the collectible section of thrift stores and would rather search the rest of the store for those diamonds in the rough. 

This weekend I got to do some thrift store shopping with my mom and she spotted this blanket:  

My mom was nice enough to let me have the first crack at this blanket as I love sports collectibles. I looked at the price tag and it was way more than I would want to spend on a blanket at a thrift store. However, it was too cool. And it's Snoopy. My husband loves Snoopy. This time I just had to bite the bullet and purchase it. It was one of those things that I knew I would hate myself later for not getting. 

There are some dirt marks, but no holes or tears in the blanket. The tag has 1965 as the last year listed. I'm thinking the Snoopy in the fur coat with the Jets flag is a Joe Namath reference which would make the date right on. I have Googled and searched for this blanket, but have found no references to it. 

I'm really glad my mom spotted this blanket. I found lots of little things at the thrift stores, but this was my find of the day.

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