Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage cookbook inspiration

One of the many things I collect is cookbooks. Like many collections, it started innocently. I liked the covers on a few cookbooks and picked them up. I must have felt they were lonely and now I have a whole lot of cookbooks. Some of my cookbooks are stacked on my new retro styled stool. The top Better Homes and Gardens cookbook came out of one of the auction boxes I recently blogged about. It's one of my favorites.
Recently I went through my cookbooks, looking for some dinner time inspiration. I was in a rut and needed some help.
One of the cookbooks I went through was this Betty Crocker book. I didn't find any dinner inspiration, but I did find this: 

Breakfast in bed made easy with a muffin pan. I love such simple ideas. I however took the idea another way: 

It's movie night kid's trays! Kind of like the theaters have. The best part: no bickering over who won't share the popcorn. And their drinks all stayed put in the built in cup holder.

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  1. Great idea! I love cookbooks too. I have a stack of mine own. Vintage mixed with new. I also have a small collection of drink recipe books :).