Monday, August 6, 2012

My junkin' buddy

I've got a new junkin' buddy. My son Torii. I have Storage Wars to thank for his interest in auctions, he's a big fan. We went to an auction a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get to stay long because we had other commitments. We were both bummed because there was a lot of good junk. Torii did get a couple of globes and I got two big boxes of cookbooks. There were so many cookbooks. I could have easily gone crazy.

I also picked up two boxes of arrows, which Torii bid on for me. I stuck some arrows in a vase, but I still have a bunch left. Not sure what to do with those yet.

Since we didn't get to stay long at the first auction we went to another over the weekend. Torii got a map garbage can that will look great with his globes and I just got a few little things. We may go to another auction next month and Torii is also thinking about tagging along at Junkfest. It's so much fun having a kid that's excited about junk!

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