Thursday, August 9, 2012

More hotel postcards

There were two postcards that didn't make it into the pack I sent my sister:

  This one is from Tower City, ND. Love this postcard. I don't stop at Tower City often so I can't remember if the cafe is still there or not. I do know that there's a good little bakery with really good homemade bars. The gas station is still there, but I don't think the garage is. My memory fails me so I'll have to stop there the next time we go through. I'll be the weirdo taking a picture of the Tower City gas station so I can get a comparison picture. 

This one is from the Biltmore Motor Hotel in Fargo on Main. It's now the Kelly Inn. From their website I learned it's the only outdoor pool at a hotel left in Fargo. I remember it because it was here that we had a little get together after I graduated from NDSU. Awww, memories.

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  1. Those are so neat sis. I love the old Cafe' pictures. How fun. That's really cool that you found an old postcard of that hotel we were at. I wouldn't have known. Cool.