Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrapping paper

I have this obsession with old Christmas wrapping paper. I've collected enough the past two years that I think I can wrap every one's presents in older paper. Some of the paper is kind of ugly, but when all the packages are under the tree together, I think it will look great.

I got out to a couple of thrift stores last weekend while out and about and found this wrapping paper. Normally, I like older paper, but I thought it was kinda cute and at 50 cents, how can you go wrong on a jumbo never opened roll of paper? Torii was with me and I asked him politely to hold the roll while I shopped. After repeatedly slamming the end on the ground and then tripping over it, he broke of the end cover and some other paper came sliding out. 

 This paper is rather ugly, but can you tell what it is?

 Here's another clue.

Yep, that's right, it's Disney wrapping paper. I believe that's Disney World, but correct if I'm wrong. And I'm sorry, but that's kind of a scary reindeer with Mickey. Now I have to decide what to do with this paper. I know for sure that I'm going to scan some of it into the computer to keep for all time. I'm not sure if I want to use the rest or not. Should I use it on a package or some other project? Ideas?

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