Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas card holder

I get my junkin' nature from my parents and a lot of things I acquire I get from them like these metal trays. I knew I would use them at Christmas, but I wasn't quite sure how. While putting up my Christmas decorations last weekend I remembered a picture I saw of three wreaths hung in a vertical row. Running down between the wreaths was a ribbon. I thought the same could be done with these trays so I stuck some picture mounting strips on the back of trays and hung them up. I'm going to display our Christmas cards on the trays this year.

I tend to buy lots of ribbon after Christmas for cheap. I had completely forgetten what I had so I was super happy when I saw this gold ribbon with snowflakes on it. It matches perfectly!

Right now I have a few random things displayed on the trays. I got this menu a couple of years ago at a rummage sale. Those stationed at the base must have been treated to a nice Christmas dinner. I find it amusing that cigars and cigarettes are listed as being available on the menu.


  1. I like the idea of using trays to make this display for your Christmas Cards. Very cute trays.
    Karen G

  2. Those trays are awesome! Love the idea too!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Karen-I like your blog and Etsy store. I'm in Bismarck too. Perhaps I'll see you out thriftin' sometime!