Monday, July 2, 2012

Address book

I've been in desperate need of a new address book for a long time. My old address book was filled with addresses being crossed out and new ones added and names completely removed from one place and moving to another because of marriage. It was a complete mess. Then I found this lovely green book and I knew I had found my new address book. But first I had to dress it up.All of the add-ons came from what I had on hand. It was great way to use up some supplies.

I found the bell system logo in an ad in an old Life magazine. I covered it was some vellum so it didn't look so glossy and stuck it on a piece of cardboard. 

This is the inside cover. The striped paper is more wrapping paper. On the left I used a pocket I had found in the trash at work. There was a whole bundle of them, I had to rescue them! I covered it with some wrapping paper and some scrapping supplies, and viola! I had a handy pocket for stamps and mailing labels. 

 This is the back inside cover. I covered another rescued pocket with some scrapbooking paper and supplies and stuck some blank notecards inside.

The inside pages are filled with stickers, scrapbooking supplies and whatever else caught my eye. It was fun to be totally free and mix and match a wide variety of things. And it was a good way to use scraps I had laying around and other supplies that I'm not sure I would use otherwise. 

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