Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buffet redo

This buffet was one of the first "new" pieces of furniture that I bought after we moved in our house ten years ago. I spotted it at a rummage sale near our house, but it was $50. We were young, just starting out and that was a lot of money. I left it at the rummage sale, but it bothered me for awhile and I drove by later, thinking that if it was still there I would get it. Thankfully, it was still there waiting for me. We were in desperate need for more furniture and this was a neat, well made, sturdy piece. I handed over the $50, shoved it in the back of the Blazer and stuck it in a corner of the dining room. I had always intended on making it over, but I never was really sure what to do with it and then life got in the way and it sort of got forgotten.

 As our family grew, so did the junk. And not the good kind of junk. I was going to clean this up before I took the picture, but this makes the "after" more dramatic, don't you think? Up until last year, I was pretty good about keeping my buffet clean. The kids did keep some toys and Legos in the buffet, but the top was reserved for my hubby's hunting and fishing collectibles and in the winter it showcased Christmas decorations. Lately, however, the buffet was becoming a catchall for everything. This spring I had a wild hair and just had to redo it. The hubby complained about having to help haul it out to the garage, but he loves how it turned out.

 I love my new buffet as well. I'm really proud of the middle row of drawers. I didn't like the two knobs on the side, so I switched it so the drawer pulls are in the middle. I'm going to keep a lot of kitchen things in the buffet, but haven't started organizing it yet. It will free up a lot of space in my kitchen, which I'm so happy about.

This label was inside one of the drawers. I can't remember if I ever saw it before and forgot about it or if I just noticed it when I was cleaning it out.


  1. Stacy you did a great job. Admire your motivation. I need it, I just can't seem to start a project.

  2. Thanks! It took me a long time to get going on it, but once I started it, I could't wait to get it done.