Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now we're cookin'

As I was making supper this evening, I thought the preparation looked so much better in my "new" Pyrex bowl. Maybe even a little professional looking. Or maybe I'm just a dork. But what ever makes cooking more satisfying, well, I'm going with it.

I do have a few Pyrex pieces that I absolutely love. If my cherry Pyrex mixing bowl ever gets broken I will cry. Then I will immediately go to Ebay in search of another. So when I saw this Pyrex bowl at a thrift store for $3.00 I had to pick it up. And it was perfect timing since I'm in dire need of some new mixing bowls. I love it and it looks so nice next to my cherry bowl.

And in case you need a new recipe, I was making  Noodle and spinach casserole . It turned out pretty good and the kids liked it too. It was easy to put together too, so it's a keeper.

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